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White Shirt
White Shirt
White Shirt
White Shirt
White Shirt
White Shirt

White Shirt

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A white formal shirt, made with the finest Italian cloth

Slim fit

Semi-spread collar

Smooth and long lasting two fold 100's poplin cotton

Double cuff, which can be worn as single cuff with the hidden button

Ethically sourced mother of pearl buttons

Plastic free, recyclable packaging

Includes silk knot cufflinks

Each collar size is available in three lengths - short, regular and long.  Short and long have slight shorter/longer arms and body.

The bestselling shirt

It's the formal shirt every man needs, so it's the only one we make
Italian fabric

The best fabric in the world comes from Italy. It's made from US grown Supima cotton and is part of the "Better Cotton Initiative" which ensures high standards, both environmental and welfare, throughout production

Two fold 100's poplin

Smooth and brilliant white. Tightly woven so that it's opaque and doesn't show chest hair

Semi-spread collar

A traditional collar, made with floating construction for a less rigid feel and all day comfort

Dual Cuffs

Can be worn with cufflinks, or done up with a hidden button like a single cuff shirt

Mother of pearl buttons

Natural, sustainable and traditional. They look and feel fantastic and they're thin so they sit flat and suit the sleek silhouette

Plus countless other details...

We've used single needle stitching. It takes twice as long than the cheaper tramline alternative, but means the seams sit flatter. We stitch 18 stitches per inch. Again, this is the more expensive construction option, but it gives a cleaner, lower profile appearance. The shirt gussets are reinforced with a triangle of fabric. The yoke is split for flexibility and comfort and a traditional appearance. The placket is reinforced so the collar sits proud without a tie. The button stitching is bonded, so it won't come undone. The body is long, so the shirt stays tucked in. The cuffs are softer, so they're less bulky and can be worn as a single cuff.

It's not the perfect shirt

The perfect shirt would have no impact on the planet, would fit perfectly and would last forever.

Our intention is simply make the best formal shirt you have ever owned. With your help, we can iterate towards the perfect shirt, by constantly improving the product and reducing its impact.