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Quality, not luxury

Most Apostle customers are successful enough to shop luxury, but smart enough not to.  Deep down we recognise that the trappings of luxury are nonsense. 

Quality, not trendy

The fashion industry is broken and doesn’t serve most men.  Almost nobody is interested in what is hot this season or which colour is the new black.  

Quality, not greenwashing

Let's be honest. The most sustainable thing we can do is to buy less.  Fewer higher quality items which last.

Quality, not urgency

We reject the nonsense of promotions, seasonal sales and the associated cost and drama of trying to persuade people to buy things they don’t need.

White shirt

The perfect formal shirt in the finest fabric.

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Black Oxford

It's the bestselling men's shoe, so it's the only one we make.

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Navy chino

Coming soon. Only in navy.

Our approach

Quarter zip jumper

Only available in October, because that's when men buy jumpers.

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