At Apostle, we are simply taking the opposite approach to the established luxury goods players.

We only produce the best selling item in the most popular sizes and we sell it direct without the greedy markups.

Our mission, or cause, is to put quality back within reach for everyone.

Everything we do is guided by the core values of quality, efficiency and integrity.



We focus relentlessly on the quality of the product and on removing anything else which adds cost between the product and the customer.

We don’t spend anything on influencers or social media agencies but we do spend an awful lot on fabric.

Our shirt fabric is the best available.  Indeed, the same fabric is used by other Jermyn street players in shirts that sell for £200+.

We focus on the details and making the best product possible - the best option or method is always chosen, which adds to the cost, but that’s fine because it improves the product.  We aren’t distracted by the novel or the new.



We only sell the bestselling product in a category.  Everything else is a distraction and a cost.

Our direct relationship with customers is crucial because we ultimately see Apostle as a buyers club.  We are simply aggregating demand from likeminded people and using our collective buying power to get better for less.

Obviously, selling direct is a no-brainer with regard to costs.  There simply isn’t enough margin in the product to sell it any other way.

In effect, we save money by not paying rent, rates or wages and we can pass those savings on to our customers.



We will always try to be brutally honest and transparent with our customers.  

We will always source the very best materials, like our Italian cloth and European calf leather and produce products to the very highest standards.

We work hard to reduce the environmental impact of the products.  The packaging is all recycled and recyclable.  Fundamentally, we believe the most sustainable thing we can do it to consume less, which means buying better products which last.

We simply reject the standard industry practices promotions, sales, discounts and other nonsense.  Our customers are smarter than that, and deserve to be treated with respect.  Loyal customers should be rewarded.  

Ultimately, our customers will build this business.  As we grow, we can work together to constantly iterate towards better and better products.  All the while, increasing purchasing power will mean lower prices and more sway with suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of the products. 

The growth will come from satisfied customers.  I'll cling to the naive dream of word of mouth marketing for as long as possible.  Thanks for reading this far!